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Looking for love can be easier if people search in the right place. The ideal areas would be those cities with romantic places to date or dine out, more singles, and better economy. This is based on the study recently conducted by Zillow regarding the top cities ideal for couples and those who are looking for romantic partners. The study considered some key factors including area’s walkability, disposable income availability, date density, sexual orientation, and quantity of singles. Whether gay or straight couples, here are the top 5 cities for love:

  1. New York City

In this city, economy is booming and can provide you better options when it comes to finding an ideal job that fits your skills and passion. If you can make a higher take home pay every month, you can save a sufficient share for your love life needs. And with a lot of date spots available in NYC, you are sure to find the right place for your partner. Based on the latest records, 34% of the residents in NYC are single. That means you can quickly get a date even if you search in the corners of the street. This is why New York City is simply the top pick for those searching for love and potential lifetime partners.

  1. Venice

It’s no secret how lovely Venice is as a city. A lot of international movie makers featured this place in their films. With the naturally romantic ambience of the city, you are sure to enjoy living here with your partner. And for those who are currently single, it’s easy to search for a date because people here are friendly and approachable. You can just go to the park or restaurant and meet someone who is willing to spend dinner with you. There’s no need to wait for someone to invite you through your Tinder profile. In addition, you will be mesmerized by the breathtaking architecture of buildings and canals that perfectly suits any kind of date. Venice is definitely the place to be.

  1. Washington D.C.

Today, a lot of couples spend their quality time in one of the leading date spots in Washington D.C. And if you are working here, your monthly earnings would be approximately 3,442 dollars. With that amount, you can surely spend enough for your date in the romantic restaurants or hotels in the city. But if you are currently looking for someone to date, don’t worry because in this city, 33% are single, according to a recent study. So why struggle in unsure dating apps online when you can meet your special someone personally in D.C.?

  1. Paris

Who would forget the beautiful Paris when it comes to finding love and romantic dating? The city of lights never fails to amaze people and today, this is highly promoted as “The City of Love”. Certainly, lovers can find a spot to date in while enjoying a number of activities such as picture taking, sipping coffee, and strolling along the Seine. Neighborhoods like Montmartre also provide a quixotic background for a perfect rendezvous. Moreover, lovers can share their moments with the Eiffel Tower, Champs Elysee, and Jardin du Luxembourg. It might be overwhelming to stay in this city, but literally, you will fall in love in Paris.

  1. Lisbon

If you prefer a more ancient style of dating, you can pick Lisbon City. In Europe, this is famous for its spectacular sceneries, including ancient castles, tiled buildings, hilltop viewpoints, vintage trams, cobblestone design, and many more. Even before this city was discovered, it already had something interesting in it. You’ll see the river connected to the Atlantic as well as other centuries-old sights that only Lisbon can offer. And yes, you are considering one of the “most romantic cities” in the world. For additional appeal, Sintra is another ideal choice for lovers. The scenic view of the Obidos adds to the romanticism of the city. Whether you choose this city or not, the place is still visited by many couples every year. And that is not a surprising fact about Lisbon.

These are only some of the popular cities that you can consider when searching for love. Additional options include Boston, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Prague, Florence, Rome, Vienna, Seville, Buenos Aires, and Marrakech. It’s up to you which city you desire to spend your romantic dates and nurture your relationships in. If you’re looking to meet matures for one night stands while in these cities we suggest you try out Mature Tube Dates. It is the #1 mature sex finder in everyone of those cities. For sure, you will have a remarkable experience creating an ideal love life that you deserve. The only problem is the countless choices available right now.

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