flex screen

LG’s rollable display is an 18 inch sheet of acetate-like film flexible screen. It has capable of rolling up like the daily newspaper. It contains the portable flexible screens that can be used in everything ranges from the smart phones to cars. At present, this LG rolling display is considered as the world’s first 18 inch rollable display at CES. It can be also featured with 77 inch and 65 inch OLED television panels. It will also show the display of 55 inch screen that can display the different images on each side. Actually, this is a paper thin product, which was developed and announced by the Korean giant of the CES technology.

The complete details of this foldable display have yet to be released, but many experts can suggest to use this technology very soon even on your smart phones and in car-screens, which curves around the interior of your vehicle. This rolling display can also be featured with 65 inch and 77 inch OLED television panel that has a high dynamic range. This HDR option also provides the same color accuracy to the monitors that could be used to edit the theatrical films.

LG will also unveil a 55 inch design concept OLED television display that is a paper thin and a matching pair of 65 inch ultimate curve convex or concave OLED displays. This display can also be set to introduce a 55 inch double sided display that shows the various video images on each side.

The 139- inch vertical tiling OLED display is specially made up of eight double sided 65 inch OLED panels, which are connected together in order to create a S-shape pattern that would also be available on display. This vertical tiling OLED (VTO) display also shows the different images on both sides.

Presently, the LG Company is getting very serious about the OLED technology. Recently, the Korean giant has revealed a latest $900m flexible screen that is specifically designed to keep up with a great demand for new screens. This new technology can also be used in the Apple watch and other handsets like LG’s flex phone and Samsung’s S6 Galaxy Edge.

The latest 1.05 trillion won the flexible OLED plant in built in Korea. It is starting in this year 2017 that makes four times bigger as many as screens. These plastic based displays are specially aim at smaller next generation devices that can be very beneficial from the automotive displays, wearables and cellphones and so on. Even most of the LG and Samsung’s high end smart watches and smart phones already use the OLED displays.

At present, the second generation of Motorola Moto also has the OLED based displays that develop the extra demand for the technology. LG also said that it will build another plant for bigger television sized displays that can use the same sixth generation manufacturing system. Now, the Samsung can also be pledged over $3.6 billion towards this OLED TV production. The wallpaper television is less than 1mm thickness and 1.9 kg light weight that can be attached to the wall by using magnets with the technology.

This LG display also said that the OLED television is just a concept at this moment. According to the latest press event in Korea, it showed off the system that uses a magnetic mat, which sits behind it on the wall. The television can also stick to this wall by using a pad. If you want to remove the display from the wall, you just peel off the screen from the mat. However, the LG firm believes that these OLED TVs are becoming huge popularity among people in the upcoming days.

Unlike the liquid crystal display, this LG rolling display is very much slimmer in which the screen emits the light itself without even any backlight unit. The LG display also mainly keep focusing on the larger screens with a great plan of introducing an OLED panel with a big size of 99 inches on this year. This company has also released 55 inch, 66 inch and 77 inch OLED models previously in this year. Furthermore, the LG’s next generation OLED TV is curved as well as ultra-thin, which will surely reach the customers at top level.

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