The Benefits of Cannabis


Cannabis is more widely known as marijuana. The products derived from this plant are more commonly used as drugs that cause the users to experience euphoria and the feeling of relaxation. The drug can cause the users to experience a sense of happiness as it triggers fits of giggling and laughter at times. Marijuana is generally classified as an illegal drug within the United States and other countries, but several states in the U.S. have already legalized its use for medical purposes. It may be seen as just a drug for addicts, but believe it or not, there are several benefits that the cannabis plant can provide.

  1. Regulate metabolism.Researchers have observed that the rate of obesity with marijuana users is significantly lower compared to that of non-users. Findings show that active users of marijuana have better carbohydrate metabolism. Through the use of medical marijuana, eating patterns can also be regulated, giving help to people who may be suffering from eating disorders like Bulimia and Anorexia.
  2. Aid in sleeping. Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC is the element within marijuana that causes the high when using the drug. Research findings show that THC is the primary cause of the sleep inducing effect of marijuana. Oral doses of THC have shown a significant effect that helped healthy individuals and people suffering from insomnia to sleep faster.
  3. Mend broken bones. Based on a study published in theJournal of Bone and Mineral Research by Tel Aviv University and Hebrew University, a non-psychoactive element in cannabis called cannabidiol or CBD can help in the mending of bones. CBD enhances the maturation of collagen, which is the protein found in connective tissues within the body. The healed bones have also shown an increase in its hardness, lessening the likeliness that it would be easily broken a second time.
  4. Help depression. One of the common medical conditions worldwide is depression. Research at the Buffalo University showed that compounds found in cannabis can help stabilize mood swings and even ease depression.
  5. Control seizures. A good number of evidence from clinical studies and anecdotal reports done in the past suggests that cannabidiol can possibly lessen and control the seizures of people who suffer from epilepsy. Further study is still being done to completely analyze the said compound since the initial tests show varying results for the patients.
  6. Regulate diabetes. Diabetes is one of the more prominent diseases present today. A study published in the journal Obesity in 2015 showed that marijuana users have lower fasting insulin levels compared to non-users. Users also appear to be less resistant to the insulin produced within their own body, giving them the ability to maintain normal blood-sugar level. Being less resistant to natural insulin due to cannabis can give way to diabetics to lessen the required number of insulin shots that they need.
  7. Improve skin conditions. Smoking marijuana would do no good in improving or treating skin conditions since smoking does more harm to the skin, but when processed and converted to a lotion that can be applied to skin, the effect simply changes.
  8. Help PTSD. War veterans are the most prone toPTSD or post-traumatic stress disorder, and dealing with this condition can be really troublesome. A research published in the journal Neuropsychopharmacology has shown that giving synthetic cannabinoids to rats who just experienced a traumatic event can help lessen the behavioral symptoms of PTSD. These synthetic cannabinoids are quite similar to THC, which is a compound found in cannabis plants. The temporary high caused by the compound can cause temporary impairments in the user’s memory.
  9. Serve as Viagra. Erectile dysfunction is a known problem among older men. Studies have shown that the cannabis plant can serve as an alternative for Viagra. Further research is still ongoing to try to overcome the other side effects of marijuana and to isolate the effectivity of the plant to counter ED. Once you get your ED fixed you’ll want to getAsian pussy pics or if your really hot look for free Asian porn.
  • Manage hypertension.Smoking pot can actually increase your heart rate several times and can also increase bleeding. It can also affect your blood sugar and lower your blood pressure. Oral ingestion of medical marijuana on the other hand, can lessen the said effects and just have a positive outcome for your blood pressure.

Marijuana usage has two sides, it can either be beneficial to the user or be destructive if abused in any way. Aside from the obvious negative effects of this plant, further study and research can give way to more favorable outcomes when using products produced from cannabis.

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